Non-Invasive Pain Treatment

If you’re in pain and don’t want to resort to invasive techniques, Physical Therapy Services Home Health Care of Portage, MI, offers mobile non-invasive pain treatment.

Quick Guide to Non-Invasive Pain Treatment

You’re in pain and tired of suffering, but not sure how far you’re willing to go to find relief. Maybe you’ve been told that your only hope is surgery or another drastic step that you know comes with risks and additional recovery time. And maybe you’re just not sure it’s worth it, but you really want relief. There is another answer: non-invasive pain treatment. Learn more in the guide below from Physical Therapy Services Home Health Care of Portage, MI.

Does It Really Work?

We live in a time when the go-to for relief is either medication or surgical techniques, so it’s understandable to wonder about natural ones. Can they really help? Do they provide the same amount of relief as invasive procedures? In short, the answer is yes.

Non-invasive techniques are all about working with the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It can seem hard to fathom when you’re in pain, but your body is equipped to heal itself. Unfortunately, sometimes things can prevent this from happening.

For example, when you become injured, your body sends blood and healing nutrients to the area immediately. This is meant to begin the healing process. In some cases, though, an injury reduces or blocks that flow to the area, which impedes healing. In cases such as these, the focus is to remove any restrictions that are impairing blood flow or reduce inflammation that isn’t assisting in healing. Once done, the body can go back to doing its job properly.

What Types of Techniques Are Used?

This is highly dependent on your individual needs, as treatment plans are designed around you. However, some examples include:

  • Spinal adjustments to correct any alignment issues
  • Therapeutic exercises to stretch tight muscles and build them up so they can support the rest of the body
  • Soft tissue techniques, such as cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound, to reduce inflammation, stimulate tissue repair, and improve blood flow

These are just a few examples, but various techniques can be employed to provide you with optimal relief.

Learn more about non-invasive pain treatment and how it can help you by texting (269) 217-0670 to schedule an appointment with Physical Therapy Services Home Health Care in Portage, MI.